Participant declaration and waivers need to be signed and handed in by the first class.


 Make sure to send your child with a WATER BOTTLE.

We do not have water bottles or a fountain for children that forget one.


All gym/ninja students should come in the upper doors. 


 Drop off and pick up your child no more than 5 min before & after classes. 

No child can attend class if they have symptoms of illness.


Long hair should be tied back


No dirty or overly loose clothing (ballet skirts, et) 


We are happy to announce Parent viewing will start in October for the after school classes. Parent viewing will be from the Balcony only, and space is limited. Please only 1 parent or spectator per child for the time being. No food, drink or small toys. Parents that call down over the railing or otherwise interfere with the classes will be asked to leave. Please follow the posted Audience Guidelines